Making of

Making of / Videography

ChristophJorda-that´s it - that´s all! The two sides of my photography!

BergMenschen - Making of

Christoph Jorda - Fotograf

Something short about myself as a photographer.

Cairo Müllstadt 2

Traum und Abenteuer - Der E5

Making of Video/ BTS Video Pitztal Glacier Ski and Snowboard Photography


The Lighthouse Photo - Making of Video

Lebanon/Syria Refugee Camp BTS Video

Maier Sports BTS 16

The Lighthouse Photo Making of - behind the scenes

MTB Colourpowder Behind the scenes

Nepal-Making of Video-Erdbeben-Earthquake-Christoph Jorda-Photojournalist-Reportage

Kairo Müllstadt

Brazil making of Ch.Jorda

Salomon Evoc Final 1920x1080